How do I look after my razor handle?

Our Original Handle

Our original handle is made from aluminium, which is different to metals such as iron and steel so it doesn’t rust in moist conditions. However the build-up of soap, lime scale and water marks can lead to the razor handle losing its gleam and becoming rather dull.

In order to look after your razor handle properly you need to make sure you follow these two simple tips:

Clean: Make sure to take the razor blades off the handle and clean the two parts separately. You’ll need an old cloth or tooth brush and some liquid dish detergent. Be gentle with the toothbrush or cloth as you’re washing off the soap build-up and water marks- it’s extremely important you don’t scrub vigorously or use an abrasive cloth.

Dry: It’s really important to make sure you dry it properly every time you finish shaving and after cleaning it. Make sure you use a (preferably old) cloth to rub the handle dry. Remember to detach the blades from the handle and make sure you’re properly drying both parts before re-attaching the blades to the handle and storing it away until your next shave.


Our New Handle

Our new handle, launched in spring 2017, is chrome-plated, which means it should stay pristine and shiny without too much work.

However, if it is effected by watermarks, a build-up of soap or anything else, you can bring it back to full shine quite easily. 

Be sure to detach the blade from the handle first, and rinse it under some warm water. Then, simply buff it dry with a cloth dampened a little lemon juice or vinegar.

For polishing purposes, we’ve also found aluminium foil gives a good result.

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