How can I change the razor blades?

Our Original Razor

To remove a blade simply hold your razor in a closed fist and push upwards gently with your thumb and forefinger against the blade's side arms - this will eject the cartridge. To attach a blade, hold the new cartridge at the base and push this on to the handle. You can then remove the plastic safety guard.

Our New Razor

Firstly you’ll need to remove the used blade from your razor - you can release it very easily by holding the handle firmly and pushing your thumb against the black button on the reverse of your handle. Then, just move the button upwards - the blade should be released automatically.

To attach the new blade, we’ve found it easiest to hold the blade box upright and vertical. Take hold of the razor handle and press the black button. Slide the black points on the razor head into the grey grooves in the back of the razor cartridge. If you now release the button, the blade cartridge should be firmly attached to the razor handle.

You will then need to tip the head of the razor down to slide the blades out of the blade box. Once you’ve done this, your new blade should be all ready to go.

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